A Reflective Place

What a horrible day at work, I think to myself, as I drive home rather slowly. Two new born
babies we tested for Covid 19 await results. We helped two very frightened mothers put on
personal protective equipment to see their beautiful babes in incubators. It’s just so unnatural.
Restricted visiting meant no partners to hold their hands or give them a cuddle. Very
vulnerable women whom were very grateful to us and never complained. They are real
My troubled mind is temporarily distracted as I am greeted by, yet again, another magnificent
sunset at Gibraltar point. . Intense hues of yellow, orange and red in the sky reflect on the
waters of this Atlantic bay. As I get out of my car. I feel a gentle breeze on my face and taste
salt on my lips, as I inhale the divine sea air. A small flock of light-bellied Brent geese swim
close to the shore bobbing up and down, without a care in the world. It’s magic to hear the
loud piping alarm call of the Redshank before they settle for the night. I see a sacred
whitethorn, soon to be in full bloom, which reminds me of my Granny. She would say
“smell the sweet fairy tree, but never interfere with it.” I watch a little girl pluck a dandelion
and blow its seeded head until it is all dispersed into the air. The seeds will find another
crack in the wall to raise their yellow heads, yet again, for the honey bees. She smiles and
tugs her Daddy’s arm “please Daddy, can we come back tomorrow?”. I love to see children
introduced to nature. I hope he has shown her the crab pools. Other people, social distancing
of course, take photos of this beauty spot. Others are calmly paddle boarding. An activity I
have never seen here before. I look over to Benbulben and long to climb it again to see the
panoramic views of our beautiful county. Knocknarae on the other side, is calling to me
I think to myself, it does not seem long ago, the sea was coming crashing over the coast wall,
bringing seaweed and unfortunately the dreaded plastic, during one of the now frequent
severe storms. I wish people were more mindful and think what they are doing to our
wildlife and beautiful waters.
Gibraltar Point was Sligo’s premier seaside attraction forty or fifty years ago. Families
would go for a day out or a picnic and safe swimming in the outdoor sea-water swimming
pool. This was when there were very few cars on the road. Some say now that Gibraltar is
an insignificant place. How wrong they are. If they were here this evening and removed
their blinkers, they would see the beauty that surrounds us and the tranquillity it bestows on
everyone here.
In this pandemic, when people can only travel 2km from their homes, they seem to have
suddenly discovered this beautiful little coast line. I’m hoping when it is all over, we will
appreciate more the simple things in life, like having the privilege of Gibraltar on our
doorsteps The sea and the land and all creatures deserve more respect than what we humans
have been giving them. Here’s to a greener future.
My phone pings. One of the night nurses texts to say the babies tested negative for Covid 19.
I breathe a sigh of relief and go home refreshed, with a smile on my face.