From the Canal to the Sea

I come from a part of Dublin surrounded by buildings, roads and factories. Amongst, them is a place just down the road from where I grew up. Tolka Valley river, a connection to the royal canal that flows through Finglas on the northside of Dublin. It was where I would take the dog for a walk or go by myself. Surrounded by hills and trees with the canal flowing through and a small lake in the centre for the ducks and swans.
It was the place where I could sit and dream of something bigger. Watching the water flow while walking beside it. With hills to cover the buildings, throwing stones making a wish. It was like being back with nature. With the stress of daily life it was a nice reminder of how everything is connected and flows. I would dream of living in a part of Ireland where all I saw was the land and sea. Land with rich history and waves that could tell a story just by looking at them.
So 2014 I decided to move. Get out of Finglas and go on a journey for myself. Yet I had no idea where I was going. I just knew I had to go. Then I came to Clare. A place surrounded by hills, trees and history. It was a big change from the city. I got a small taste of country life living in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by the sea with so many lakes I yet to explore. Due to driving restrictions, I had to move into the town.
Yet just up the road is the Cappa pier. A beach just around the corner and no matter where I would walk around town it is always in my view. The beautiful sea. Now it is my go to for a walk and let the waves wash my worries away. I never knew the power behind the sea until I moved. It draws me in. I fell in love the second I came into this county. Sitting listening to the waves in the west provides a peaceful harmony everyone should enjoy.
No longer surrounded by buildings and busy cars. Instead there are tress and fields with animals with a view of the ocean and the land beyond that. I took a trip to Kilkee one day and was amazed how the beach is peoples back garden. A little snug part of Ireland that brings people in all year round. Even the winter time the sea is flowing with such force you can feel it working the land.
Yet on a day when no body was around.
An early morning to catch the sun come up. I sat there questioning why I was here. How will I handle being on my own on the other side of Ireland away from my family. The journey so far and where will it take me. Where was my love I thought. I looked down and there in the sand was seaweed in the shape of a love heart. That’s it, I am where I am suppose to be.
I will always be the city girl in this small town. Full of big ideas, now that the smoke has cleared and I can see a future close to the sea yet still in the middle of nowhere with trees and animals around me. This country has a beauty that some people don’t get to see. The water that surrounds and flows through us is magic and can bring us places we never dreamt of.