Stories from the Waterside

I remember a time before walkways, a time before new builds and a time before street lamps which illuminate the walkway on the cold winter evenings and mornings as I make the journey daily from park west to the dutch village. A time of swans in the kitchen, a time of ducks overhead and time of herons on the roof.

I grew up in Clondalkin. I still reside here. I was raised in yellow meadows and currently live in Woodford, Dutch Village.

For me as a kid, the simpler times. Getting up at 7am. The mist raising from the ground and the dew soaking through your shoes. Making a journey through the many fields. The many obstacles. The scenery beautiful, the morning choirs from the trees, the early sacrifice worth the reward. You’d sit in awe. If you closed your eyes for a moment you’d be forgiven for thinking you where in Farthing Wood.

The sheer randomness was never far away. I remember my Dad finding a swan badly hurt in the camac after being attacked by a fox. Dad took it home, nursed it and called the responsible authorities. It was a strange thing for Mam to wake up to but she forgave him but it was the beauty of what was on your doorstep. The wildlife, there was an entire world 100metres from our door and to have the pleasure of saying I spent a childhood discovering it makes me proud.

I love Clondalkin and if there is one piece of advice I can give you its to stop for a moment. Take a breath and look around, you’ll be surprised at what you see along our beautiful canal. Sometimes you feel pressured and sometimes you feel rushed. Life goes too fast and time passes by. Its only when you get to stop for a moment, press pause and that get to appreciate the beauty of what’s on our own doorstep.