Communities working together for better water quality

Living in a catchment that has healthy water can help a community to have a better quality of life. A healthy water catchment provides high-quality drinking water and supports local livelihoods like tourism, agriculture, recreational angling and water sports. It also supports local ecosystems so plants, animals, fish and insects that depend on having healthy water can thrive and flourish.

The online website shares science and stories about Ireland’s water catchments, and people’s connections to their water. Also check out and see how you can get involved?
A catchment is an area of land where rainwater collects forming rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.

  1. Tree planting and riparian biodiversity work
  2. Silt trapping or ‘Slow the Flow” Natural Flood Retention Measures such as the addition of large woody debris to drains
  3. Rain garden and SuDS
  4. Innovative techniques for monitoring water quality and biodiversity
  5. Rainwater harvesting on roof of buildings and use of recycled water
  6. Coastal or lake nature safari and stewardship project by local fishermen and recreational users
  7. Fish passage project
  8. Planting of native wild flowers and vegetation in habitat restoration project
  9. Citizen science project led by anglers
  10. Bespoke breeding boxes for birds and mammals
  11. Wetlands to promote wildlife and reduce pollution and flooding
  12. Removal of invasive species and biosecurity planning
  13. Putting a plan together; where it all begins. Feasibility studies and planning involving all of the community in the catchment.
  14. Outdoor biodiversity classroom