A Day at Tramore Beach

Once upon a time there was a girl called Emma she lived in the town of Tramore in County Waterford by the water. Tramore is a seaside town with a large beach sand dunes cliff walks and a very large amusement park. Which brings in loads of tourists. She was off college for the summer she knew someone who worked in the amusement park. On her way to work she went for a walk on the beach by the cliffs. She was on her own it was an early start for her she had to go open up the amusement park. Half way down on her walk she looked up at the sky and saw a rescue helicopter. She looked very confused. She looked up onto the cliff there was a little girl who was about four years of age. I went up to the cliff she was shaking and looking for her mum. There was no seeing of her mother. Emma asked the little girl what her name was and she answered Lily. I waved over the helicopter and said it is ok I have her the helicopter said ok thanks for letting us know. Emma helped Lily down off the cliff. At this point Lilly started really crying. I said to Lily what is your mum name she replied Mary. Emma took Lilly to the amusement park and she said what would u like until we find your mother. Lily replied coke candy floss and coke. I said to lily where did you see your mum last she said she was in the water messing around in the water. Emma said to lily I will have to take you to the closets garda station. Then she cried more and more. When I walked her to the garda station she recognised her puppy outside. She ran into the garda station. Mary opened her arms and lily ran into them. Lily said to her mother this is Emma who saved me her mum said thanks so much. I was so worried about her Mary said I looked away for two seconds and she was gone missing. Lily asked her mum could we go to the shop and buy Emma a gift she said yes of course we can. So Lily went to the shop with her pocket money and got Emma a beautiful card to say thank you. When Lily wrote it she went and gave it to Emma. To Emma surprise she found a check off 100 euro. This turned out to be the happiest day for all the people involved.