Along the great blue expanse

From the earliest depths of childhood’s hour
I’ve watched it rippling by
The majesty, the bubbling long blue vein
That caught my eye
The stately nautical centrepiece,
That navigates my town
Whose murmured song flows united on
With accompanying wildlife sounds
I still recall with dazzling glow
Those evenings by the bank
Casting pebbles across the azure threshold
Undeterred, as each one sank
The panoply of floral jewels,
All dappled on each side
The revelry of lovers chat
During evenings at the tide
Commanding the handsome waterway
Hurried cyclists in the gloom
Or the ardent mother of baby swans
Attentive to the children’s croon
The robust ebb of that flowing hymn
Is a great feast for the senses
The charming lap of each passing wave
Is a clap between pretences
And I think of it now as the light of our youth
Nears the end of its merry dance
Every stolen kiss or evening of bliss, shared
Along the great blue expanse