Fairytales in Reenkilla

Once upon a time a young girl at the age of twelve named Cassie lived
under Reenkilla in a city called CLAM TOWN.
Cassie lived next to her best friends Johnny and Dory.
Then one brisk evening they were outside a Coral Diner finishing off their
Kelpcorn when all of a sudden ……………………..BANG!!!!!!!! Out of nowhere
the picnic tables began to start blowing around everywhere and a huge
current started to pick up.
“Ahhhhhhh”, screamed Cassie.
“Let’s get out of here”, cried Johnny and Dory at the same time.
So they ran all the way back to Dory’s house.
“WHHHAAAATTT ju….sss.ttt h..aap..end?” Johnny stuttered.
“No idea, we haven’t had a big current in ages”, said Cassie.
“Let’s go to Neptune’s house, he’ll know” They declared.
They jumped into their SEA MOBILE and drove over to Neptune’s house.
They parked it and then knocked on the door.
“Neptune?”, called Dory.
No one replied. They opened the door as it made a loud, spooky creaking
sound. They entered a small room that was eerie and dark.
“Neptune?” Questioned Cassie.
This time there was a reply. The voice was coming from the basement.
So all three of them walked cautiously down the steps expecting a ghost
but instead found Neptune laying on a red sofa.
“Hello”, he said.
“Hi” said Johnny still quivering.
“Um you wouldn’t happen to know what’s causing this current”, asked
“As it happens I would. The God Of The Sea and The God Of Harbours
have been arguing” he said.
“We can go stop them” shouted Dory.
“You will need these helmets so you can breathe”
“okay”, they said.
They dashed out the door and began swimming, after many days they
reached the surface to find the gods shaking hands.