I remember

Knee deep in cold water stream,
Stooped, cheek to water rush
To see under belly bank
Undercut by water gush.
Dark caverns of witches rooty hair,
Otters view of king fishers chair.
A slick wet rat path from midnight dip Where they swim drip and slither
And scratch marks where they grip. Squelching mud with methane smell
Mixed with butterworth,
Kingcups and water speedwell.
Sighting cow parsely for ear wigs,
Aiming haws at dragon flies
With twitchey feet.
A compound eye is hard to beat.
A dipper dips on submerged rock,
Conducting the river ripple eddy run.
Stripping dock weed seed; to scatter
On the stream, to chase and trace,
To see the way they go.
They swim and swirl, some get bypassed some join the bloodsuckers in the undergrass
Some make it to the weir and disappear.