Lunar Moments

My water story begins with the moon- the phased journey of my being governed by and
piloted by the ebb and flow of energy through the universe. Each month the moon journey
around the earth creates tides that ebb and flow, high and low and carries a power that I
believe is rooted in my soul through the tidal movement of the sea.
I was born by the sea in Wexford where my father was a lighthouse keeper. The sea is in me
is the best way to describe my person. When I need nourishment for my soul I am drawn to
this powerful force of nature and particularly to the great Atlantic that has such a powerful
voice through the tides.
This power of a sea /moon scape was very evident to me in Mulranny beach in Co Mayo in
2007. The sea nourished me on magical days after chemo- water based poison administered
to kill and to cure all in one. Freeing myself from its grips I journeyed to a place of peace by
going to the sea when the moon was radiant in its nightly appearance. There I discarded the
wig (my camouflage for the world) and dived into the salty magnificence of the Atlantic
Ocean. There I felt power, vastness and acceptance. I was like a grain of sand in the
universe. I lay on my back in this salty ocean, staring at the moon and stars, and my
thoughts and feelings became one with nature. I was then and am now a grain of energy-
90% water, 10% matter and 100% human.
Being literally a drop in the ocean has such a freedom of thought. Mulranny beach, Keel
beach, Bertra beach, Louisburg beach have all served me well since those nightly
meandering soul searching, escaping trips to Mulranny. The magnificent Atlantic Ocean
never disappoints and is in constant motion displaying the wild and wonderful dance of the
moon. The waves are the ruffles of a petticoat wrapping my body and soul in energy,
allowing me freedom to be…… a grain of energy… at one with a greater force and power
outside my control.
Freeing, Empowering, Engaging and Fulfilling my person is cheap, easy and taken for
granted until now! I know what works! I know where I’ll be when I can travel 20 Km from
home. A drop in the ocean, a power house of energy healing from within lying on my back
watching the sun, moon and stars! I’ll dive into the blue waters with a longer head of hair
than in 2007 and thank my lucky stars to have survived!