Tales from the riverside .Riverside memories

She sat in her usual spot, staring into the
water hardly moving.
She was being observed.
“Mam is that lady strange?”, Simon
whispered as he looked intensely ,anxiously
at his mother.
Though only six years old he noticed people
acutely and he noticed some changes of
expression on the lady’s face.
“I am sure there is a reason she stares
Simon we just don’t understand it”.
Because he had seen this lady so many
times ,he felt he knew her so he ran towards
“Simon! Stop !remember two meters his
mother said quickly.
He slowed down as he approached the lady
who looked so sad, he looked down at his
feet as if trying to measure the two meters ,
as he said, “Lady why do you stare at the
river every day?
He felt calm as she turned, gave him a
gentle smile and said, “ I don’t stare I
remember” ,she sighed and continued ,
three years ago my son who was just a few
years older than you borrowed his fathers
canoe and went down this part of the river.
He thought he was invincible and the sense
of fun beamed from his face
He was inexperienced tho, and the canoe hit
some rocks ,as the river is so wide we didn’t
get to him in time,
Simon watched the lady sigh as tears
gathered in her eyes.
So he doesn’t live with you any more? Does
that mean he lives with god?.
Simons mother was uncertain whether she
should intervene so she just stood silently
waiting for a response from the sad and
lonely lady.
“He lives in the water now son and when I
look into the water I feel close to him.
I imagine and remember his smile his
confidence his love for me showing on his
sweet face. “
The lady continued,”If he were here now he
would say,
Mam go home and protect yourself you
know your chest is sore, there is a pandemic
She breathes deeply and says to Simon,
“what he didn’t realise was his need , urge,
hunger for fun experiences was his
pandemic. He saw no danger.
“I sit by my beloved river now and only see
his face , feel his presence.
I don’t see or notice the danger from others
around me who can transmit this virus into
my body.
I feel the longing to see him again. I loved
him so and feel immune to all but him”
The lady noticed Simons confused face,
she knew he was too young to understand.
But he was the only person who asked
honestly in innocence and with care about
her story.
The lady felt something open in her heart
and turning towards Simon said “ you are a
special boy, you should go and have fun
now and look after your mother”
Simons mother smiled at her and said “my
name is April and this little fella is Simon”.
“We cannot shake hands but I am glad to
meet you, my name is June and my boy was
Richard. “
April said “you must go to the hospital you
are quite breathless, please look after
I can understand the memories and the
beauty of this place, the flowers the rock
formations and the birdsong is so healing ,
but right now you need more”
June agreed and headed towards the car.
Simon was skipping along and said “ I will
never be foolish like Richard but, it is fun to
swim and dive and try to go as fast as the
river water flows.