The Boyne

This is about a river that flows through County Meath.
It enters the sea at Drogheda, flowing through Slane at speed.
Trinity is where it begins: from a well, a spring, a drain.
Flows northeast past hilly heritage: Tara, Screen and Slane.
I love to walk along its banks, starting off at the Bridge of Slane.
The same 5k every day, others might find it mundane!
But ‘Flash’ just loves this path, where he chases ducks and coots.
A dog’s dream to be off the leash: mine too, in my well-worn boots.
Twelve glorious years by that river: through rail, rain and snow.
The odd day the sun did shine, nudging the flowers to grow!
I see the Old Mill across from me, adjacent to The Mill House hotel.
It has seen 300 years of history, with many stories to tell.
The path I walk is a towpath, flanked by river and canal.
It leads me to the Lockkeepers cottage, now covered in dense chaparral. Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, lie on the far side of the river. Prehistory, right in front of me: I’m in awe; and gentle shiver.
Further on lays Oldbridge, where William got the upper hand.
After,within a few short years, his men; took all our land.
But I’m turning back towards Slane once more, ‘Flash’ races further along. And a salmon leaps high to catch a fly, as I recall an old folk song.
“Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows, Fair is the Lily of the Valley. Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne, But my love is fairer than any.”