The Lost Cygnet

One beautiful spring day two cygnets were born on a sunny swamp of Lough Derg, just outside the tiny village of Dromineer. “Can we look at them please!”, asked four older baby swans. “Not yet” their mother replied. Every swan was eager to meet the new-born chicks, especially Smoke, their father. One day passed and the cygnets were starting to open their tiny eyes. “They’re adorable!”, Smoke said to his mate, Cloud.
The next day was windy and the reeds were swirling fiercely against the strong current, suddenly a tree collapsed onto the place where the cygnets were. “Nooooooo!” Their mother called. She tried desperately to swim but the wind was too strong. Smoke appeared swimming beside her “Go Cloud, I’ll save them”, he reassured his mate, but Cloud was floating there speechless in terror unsure of what to do. “Help!” one of the cygnets wailed “Reed is gone!”. “How did it happen” Cloud asked bewildered “Where is Smoke?” She asked worriedly. “He is in the dens making sure everyone Is all right” her son, Storm replied.
The next day was bleak, every swan was grieving for Reed, the cygnet. After the vigil, came a seagull. “what are you doing here” cried a swan named Crystal “you are not welcome here “, She spat. “I had a weird dream, I want to discuss it with one swan, please it wasn’t a normal dream, let me in!” the seagull exclaimed worriedly. “Ok, but don’t be long” Crystal muttered. “Thanks” he gasped “By the way my name is Leaf” he flew off to a place where a young swan was floating peacefully in the lake. “hey you” Leaf called “I want to talk”. “Are you Leaf?” the swan seemed confused. “yes, I am and are you Velvet?”, Leaf answered back. “Yes”. After they talked together for a while, both of them went to talk to the leader of the swans, Night. They explained everything to the wise leader.
Their dreams were telling them something, something important, they both saw a tiny, frightened swan trapped underneath a huge rock after a few minutes they finally decided to go on a quest, to find the swan from the dream. The pair set off when the moon, was in the middle of the sky.
Every swan said their goodbyes and they started to make the journey for the cygnet. “I wonder how many days until we find the gosling?”, Leaf asked. “I agree”, Violet replied “I think our dreams are about Reed, the lost cygnet, we thought she was dead, but she is not!” Violet exclaimed.
One week later, Leaf and Violet found the cygnet, they were surprised it survived and returned to their home uninjured, Leaf said his goodbyes and left the swans to go to his home. Every swan was delighted to have Reed back, especially her parents, Cloud and Smoke. Violet was happy that all three of them made it through the quest and made it safely home.