A Brave Dolphins Tale

How Vin lost his fin …
Well, where do I begin?
This story starts in a tangle of nets
Vin’s memories are of being trapped and distressed
Squeezing himself, so desperate, so tight
His little heart beating wildly with fright
With heroic strength and the will to survive
He forced himself through that net to stay alive
Bleeding, half dead, huge relief to be free
He looked about wildly and screamed “please help me”
Worn out and about to give up
He felt himself being lifted up!!
He must be dreaming, or have i died?
He opened his eyes and gratefully cried
Around his head like a magical crown
Two seahorses were swimming around
With perfect voices, so sweet, so light
They really were a blissful sight
With golden bells and pretty shells
Making a heavenly sound
They gently lifted him up and held him safe and sound
He bled from where he’d torn his fin
The horses rubbed healing balm in
They tended the wounds with care so quickly
As vin was listless and feeling sickly
The balm was covered with a healing shell
His saviours said it would take weeks to be well

His seahorse friends introduced themselves
Ruby was pink, jade a pale green
The most loving creatures he’d ever seen
“my name is Vinny” he explained with a tear
“I lost my family at sea and i fear,
I was trapped in the nets
That I will never forget
I don’t know if they escaped? Did they break free?
Will I ever see ma and pa, will we be our family of three?”

Whats most important is for you to heal
Letting us help you, now that’s the deal.”
He learnt to juggle the blowfish so fast
That their eyes crossed as they spun past

With friends around, he felt his confidence brimming
The clownfish laughed, blowing bubbles whilst swimming

His fin kept him stable
Without it unable
To streak through the ocean
His body sank in slow motion
The seahorses said “we all have no doubt …
We will find a solution to help Vinny out”
They gathered their friends to have a big think
Ideas for Vinny to swim and not to sink
The starfish suggested a shell
They tried, but it didn’t stick too well!
The blowfish brought driftwood
“it’s too stiff!” Vinny cried
“i need something flexible to help me glide.”
The crabs suggested seaweed, which did seem to help
The seaweed was easy to stick
Could this really do the trick?
Seaweed is a renewable source
It would live and grow very well, of course!!
The crabs said the seaweed can float
So, eagerly everyone gave it their vote
It comes in colours of brown, green or red
“The choice is yours.” The creatures said
“Green, i think … would you agree
That would be best with the sea?”
Seaweed was clipped on, using a clam shell
This was the choice, as it gripped so well
Vinny needed patience, as this took time
But, with a few adjustments it worked just fine
Vinny made a wish, with a whistle and a click
And prayed with his heart that this would do the trick
Over the next few days
His friends found ways
To pass the time, juggling blowfish five at a time
Holding hands with his pal the turtle
Through the ocean they both did hurtle
Skimming sea stars, dodging the dinghies!!
Landing on sea sponges, soft and springy
The seaweed stuck fast
Held steady like a mast
Vinny was filled up with glee
As he sped through the salty depths of the sea
He swam through an underwater cave
And came out surfing on a wave
But alas, he crashed into a fishing boat
And his shell clamps snapped off. “Gosh, how would he float?”
His friends looked on with fearful glances

But fearlessly Vinny took his chances
He glided bravely up ahead
He hid his fear, he hid his dread
But the seaweed had bonded in his skin
As if it were a natural part of him
He glowed with pride and swam so fast
The crabs’ idea had worked at last
They all cheered their fearless mate
“Let’s have a party to celebrate!”
Creatures came from oceans deep
Music played, no one will sleep
He was now complete and loved by all
His life had changed, he felt … ten feet tall!!
From the depths of despair, to dancing on air
Vinny smiled, he felt adored
“A brave little fella!” His friends all roared.