Constable Lake

Constable Lake is a lake near my house in County Cork. It is called Constable Lake because when England used to rule Ireland, there used to be policemen around the place. Back then the policemen were called constables. One day a constable got thrown in, so it was named Constable Lake after that. When my Mom was a child, she used to have picnics up by the lake with her family. My Moms uncle used to cut turf up by Constable Lake. Constable Lake spreads over 4 acres of land. There is a beautiful river called Leimawaddera – it means dogs leap because it is so narrow that a dog is considered able to leap across it in some places. It rises at the foot of Mount Kid in Constable Lake.
After leaving the lake, the Leimawaddera comes winding down through marshy land until it reaches Ballybawn (which means the white town land). The river next runs through Glounakillena (which means the glen of the church), then on through Rossard. The Leimawaddera then winds its way through Lishenacreahig, and then divides Ardura from Corravolley and on it goes until it reaches Kilcoe National School. It next runs under a tramway bridge, after that under a crooked bridge and finally it enters the sea at Poolgorm Bay. Up near Constable Lake, there is lots of ways you can walk to and from. There are a lot of windmills that you can get up close to but some are just too far away. When I go up to Constable Lake, I always enjoy the view of the mountains, fields and houses. I really like Constable Lake and I find the story behind it very interesting.